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Reflexology Therapy

Photograph of a mother and baby.

For further information about my reflexology practice and/or to make an appointment, please telephone me on 07906 152008, or send an e-mail using the Contact page.

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Welcome to Fertility Reflexology

My name is Susan Allen and I have been a practising Reflexologist since 1993. I work in the Richmond-upon-Thames area which covers Richmond, Kew, St. Margarets, Twickenham, the Hamptons, Teddington, Middlesex and Surrey.

The purpose of this website is to provide a picture of my services as a Reflexologist.

I created to share with you information about Reflexology and how I believe its positive effects may help prepare the ground for natural fertility processes.

My work is specifically designed to help people have a better balance of health including reducing excess stress and in turn creating better conditions for fertility and wellbeing during the stages of pregnancy.

Some of the most thrilling moments of my career have been when my clients report they have been helped by reflexology to have a sense of restored vitality, in turn encouraging the body to form a good basis for fertility. (Please click on Testimonials)

I am passionate about my work and have dedicated the last 18 years (1993) to developing my skills in the area of ‘energetic’ therapies so that I may help others with the best of intentions. ‘My work comes from the heart as I love what I do’

I specialise in a holistic natural approach to fertility preparation. My aim is to balance and harmonise mind, body and spirit through the energetics of reflexology.

Please note it is very important to understand that I do not offer a medical treatment, or indeed a substitute for the medical treatment of infertility. I do not diagnose or treat specific conditions. I do not guarantee that the end result will be pregnancy.

Whatever the symptoms, it is essential to consult your GP/Consultant so that all tests can be carried out for both partners, and a diagnosis made regarding the cause of fertility problems.

I believe Fertility reflexology may assist by directing the flow of vital energy to where it is needed by balancing and restoring health and reducing the impact of stress. I treat the whole person and not the specific conditions.

My own success in treating women who are challenged by fertility comes from my abiding passion for my work combined with a long experience as a Reflexologist and intuitive connection to my clients mind, body and spirit.

I have been practising Reflexology since 1993 and have seen many different examples of women unable to conceive without further help. I have found that a combination of factors usually create fertility problems. As you will see from the Testimonials, people have a varying range of issues.

Please note I do not provide Online health or fertility advice.

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Quotes from my clients

“I felt that your treatments started my road to full recovery”

“I am feeling well, happier, and more able to cope”

“Since having your treatments I feel much more in touch with my spiritual side, more peaceful and on the right track”

“a wonderfully intuitive and healing experience”

“delightful session, I was amazed I could feel different sensations happening during the treatment”

“Susan you have magical hands, I could feel sensations moving up my body, healing in my foot and the pain just went. Your hands became so hot it was amazing.”

“Tell Susan she is a miracle worker”

“I visited Susan at home in her relaxing treatment room for a year whilst we were trying for a baby”

“I have been to other reflexologists, but no-one has the same touch or intuition of Susan. She is a very reassuring calming and instinctive person”

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