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Photograph of reflexology foot massage.
The Meridians, energy pathway diagram

The Meridians - source: AOR

Reflexology foot diagram.
Chakra point foot diagram.

Chakra points - source: AOR

Chakra man diagram.
Photograph of hands reaching up to the sun


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What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a natural non invasive and holistic therapy that is well established and respected in the field of complementary medicine. It is also now being increasingly used alongside treatments in conventional medicine.

As the name implies Reflexology is thought to activate the body’s reflexes. Mostly this is focused on the feet as Reflexologists apply a form of very specific and skilled foot “massage”.

This “massage” technique aims to stimulate the nerve endings in the feet and sends signals along the nerve pathways to the central nervous system where they are processed and filtered to the corresponding part of the body or organ being worked on.

I believe that reflexology restores the free flow of ‘energy circulation’ within and around the body. This realigns mind body and spirit to a state of wellbeing and harmony.

Reflexology has a long history originally dating back to Ancient Egypt, India and China. Reflexology was introduced to the modern Western world as “Zone Therapy” by Dr William Fitzgerald (USA) in 1913, and further developed by the pioneer of Reflexology Eunice Ingham (USA) in 1930 (For further information see HISTORY OF REFLEXOLOGY section).

Reflexology aims to restore balance and well-being by activating the body’s own healing processes.


How does reflexology work?

Reflexologists regard the feet as the mirror of the human body. Different parts of the feet are thought to correspond to different organs, glands, and other key areas of the body.

Reflexologists feel the patient’s feet with their fingers and thumbs. Skilled Reflexologists believe they can sense energy blockages and tensions in the reflex arc. This is usually a pleasant sensation for the client, though it can sometimes locate tender areas. In turn this signifies the need for further reflex work. The Reflexologist then applies gentle but firm pressure with fingers and thumbs to ease areas of tension and alleviate congestion.

Clinical experience of reflexology shows us that the effects are felt not only on the foot, but more importantly in the corresponding major bodily organ. In this way Reflexologists consider that the foot may be used to remotely activate healing processes in other vital bodily organs re-balancing the systems of the body.

How I work with reflexology

As in any other area of knowledge, there are a number of different theories and schools of thought as to how it works.

See for example:

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Here are some of my own views:

I apply a skilled treatment to the feet so that all organs, glands, and systems of the body are covered, including the hormone and reproductive areas.

Most importantly I use my intuitive skills to tune into the whole person so that the most effective reflexology technique and other complementary treatments that I am trained in can be blended to best suit my client’s needs

I believe I am able to channel a healing energy to various parts of the body while working on the feet. This assists by amplifying the treatment, and some clients report it has a profound effect on their mind body and spirit.

My training, experience, and intuitive perceptions enable me to identify those parts of the body most in need of balancing. By tuning into the energy pathways of the body (meridians) - *see chart) I believe this offers additional assistance in restoring the free flow of energy.

I always apply a gentle touch as I believe the treatment reaches a deeper level if my client is relaxed and unstressed.

‘The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious’…..……Albert Einstein

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