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The following 3 case studies are based on my own reflexology practise.

The names and any identifying characteristics have been changed to protect the confidentiality of my clients, but the case studies do describe real fertility problems, real reflexology, and real outcomes.

Lets call these 3 clients Alice, Beth, and Candy

Case 1 - Alice

Alice came to see me when she was in her late 30’s. She had been trying to conceive for many years, without success. She had not taken the contraceptive pill for 3 – 4 years.

In her 20’s she had had surgery in the bowel area which caused adhesions (scarring). After the operation she was told that the operation might affect the fallopian tubes due to the scarring, and that it could prove difficult for her to become pregnant in the future.

Several years later Alice underwent an HSG (Hysterosalpingogram) X-Ray. This procedure passes liquid dye through the fallopian tubes to see if there are any abnormalities

In Alice’s case it confirmed that there was a kink and blockage in one of her fallopian tubes which had stuck together with scar tissue from the bowel surgery. She and her partner decided to try IVF treatment. They had 3 attempts, without success, and caused a great deal of stress to her and her partner.

Alice had heard Reflexology could be helpful for her general health, and help prepare the ground for fertility.

When she started reflexology treatment with me there had been a gap of over 1 year since her last IVF treatment. She was despondent and had resigned herself to not being able to have children. Gradually over the months her mood lifted and her general health improved. She decided to have a final attempt at IVF and commenced hormone injections. Unfortunately the treatment was unsuccessful and caused side effects. After having a long holiday she came back feeling refreshed and started reflexology again.

Several months later, she rang to give me the good news that she was pregnant. She successfully gave birth to a beautiful healthy baby boy!!

Case 2 - Beth

Beth came to me for reflexology treatment when she was in her early 30’s. Both she and her partner were healthy and they already had other children, without any problems. Her youngest child was 3 years old and she felt it was a good time to become pregnant again.

Beth had been trying for over 9 months to become pregnant, without success. This is relatively a short time to seek help, but it was starting to have a negative effect on her emotional state.

She had always taken care of herself and the family had an excellent diet. Her menstrual cycles were regular and problem free. She had seen her GP for a health check and had a couple of general tests which were clear. A friend then recommended her to come and see me.

Beth had a high profile executive job and worked long hours and she did suffer from occasional tension headaches. These were becoming more frequent as she was feeling increasingly stressed and anxious about not being able to become pregnant.

When she came for her first session of reflexology, it took her a while to relax as her mind was over active, and she had never experienced reflexology before. After about 15 mins she started to doze, relax and enjoy the treatment.

When she came to see me for her second treatment she said that she had been feeling much calmer within herself, relaxed, and slept very well.

The second treatment went very well and she relaxed almost immediately. When she came for her third treatment Beth’s feedback was that she felt more able to cope, she was not feeling so anxious, and that she was managing the pressures at work. She was also having fewer headaches. Her partner had especially noticed the difference.

We arranged to meet for a fourth session, and to my delight she announced she was pregnant!!

She was so looking forward to her treatment, I had to break the news gently that under the circumstances, and professional reflexology guidelines, I would not be able to treat her again until after the first trimester, and this was providing she did not have any problems with the pregnancy.

The successful outcome of this case was that Beth gave birth to a bouncing baby boy

Case 3 - Candy

Candy came for reflexology treatment when she was in her early 30’s and this was a complicated and lengthy case. Due to its complexity this case took many months.

Candy spent a lot of energy researching about infertility. She found that by having a healthy diet, regular exercise, and taking various vitamins may help increase her chances of conceiving.

Candy had undergone detailed health tests, had taken combinations of fertility drugs and had several attempts at infertility treatment, without success.

When she came to see me her menstrual cycles were irregular and varied in length, possibly due to the impact of hormone drugs and the infertility treatment.

The main focus when she came to see me was to help her back to some sort of normality within herself emotionally, and hoping her menstrual cycles might become more regular.

During her treatments, she reported she could feel gentle energy sensations flowing up her body and occasionally a surge of heat when I was working on the areas of her feet that were especially relevant to her case. She became noticeably calmer within herself after the treatments.

Once Candy’s health returned to balance, she and her partner decided to have another course of medically based infertility treatment which at long last was successful. Candy gave birth to a beautiful little girl.

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