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Preparing the ground for Fertility

In my experience there are several ways in which Fertility Reflexology may assist with your preparation for fertility.

Women usually consult me because they have been trying to conceive for many months/years without success, and choose to try a natural approach rather than medical intervention.

Other people come because they have had a medical diagnosis/or been through fertility treatment. Unfortunately orthodox medicine has not been successful and so they seek an alternative way forwards.

Please note it is always advisable to get medical advice and tests done so you have a diagnosis.

Men are special too !!

While most of my work is with female clients, I have also discovered that working with both partners may bring added benefits to help address stress and some other features surrounding fertility issues.

In my experience I have found that it can naturally bring the couple closer as stress is reduced and make them feel more grounded and more able to cope.

Couples are seen individually, apart from the first consultation.

As with all my clients, confidentiality of either partner is an utmost priority.

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